A Foodie’s Guide for Back-to-School

We’ve round up some of our favorite quick and easy (and delicious!) school lunch and snack ideas that will keep both you and your kids happy.

It’s that time of year again. When summer starts winding down and retailers start preparing for Fall (pumpkins already?!)… For parents with young children, it’s an exciting transition as kids go back to school or start kindergarten. You may have their backpacks and supplies ready but what to do about lunch and snacks? What can you pack that falls within school guidelines (i.e. nut-free facility)? Should you provide healthier foods or resort to things you know they’ll eat? What happens if they don’t eat anything you pack?

We’ve round up some of our favorite quick and easy (and delicious!) school lunch and snack ideas that will keep both you and your kids happy:

Broccoli Pesto Salad

Source: Bon Appetit

Carla’s Tomato Soup

Source: Bon Appetit

Yogurt Fruit Bars

Source: Genius Kitchen

Cheesy Chicken Meatball Sliders

Source: Bon Appetit

Rice Bowl with Fried Egg and Avocado

Source: Bon Appetit

Oat-free Nut-free Chocolate Banana Granola Bars

Source: Allergy Awesomeness

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos

Source: Bon Appetit

Tortilla Espanola

Source: Bon Appetit

Tropical White Chocolate Energy Bars

Source: The Creative Bite

Green Tacos

Source: Bon Appetit

Bacon and Egg Tortellini

Source: Bon Appetit

Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

Source: Redesigned Recipes

Fresh Herb Falafel

Source: Bon Appetit

Kids’ Chicken Katsu

Source: Bon Appetit

Cold Soba Noodles with Chicken

Source: The Food Network

If you are looking for more inspiration, here are 13 greatest hits from Food52 co-founder, Amanda Hesser. Pro-tip: lunch dessert is key.

And while we are big fans of leaving fun/ inspirational notes in kids’ lunch boxes and creating beautiful bento designs, don’t forget about little things you can do when sitting down for a meal together to help get the kids ready for back-to-school. For example:

  • Place place cards on plates noting which grade each child is entering. Use butcher paper for a table runner with the family aspiration written down the middle. Have each child personalize the runner by writing out their individual goals for the upcoming year as well.

Source: Wendy Hyde

  • Share inspirational messages whenever and wherever you can. And get creative — like flags in mason jars or chalkboard place settings.
  • Plan a special menu for the night before. It’s fun to get a little fancy, even if eating at home. Let them pick their favorites and get your kids involved with the meal planning, prepping (and even cooking) and break out the good dishes and serving ware. This will help plant a positive seed for their big day!

Source: Denae Harlow

  • Every celebration (back-to-school/ first day of school included) needs a good cake! Have your kids blow out candles and make a wish for the upcoming year.

Source: Baked Bree

Back-to-school can be such a positive experience for kids. We love it when this special time is shared amongst family and food. We like to make yummy, fun foods and use family meals as a way to get pipsqueaks excited for starting a new year. What are some of your favorite foodie ways to celebrate back-to-school?