5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants Within a 6-minute Walk from Washington Square Park

These spots offer fantastic food while still accommodating families


Washington Square Park, with its two playgrounds, massive water fountain, and top-notch dog watching, is thronged with families nearly year-round for good reason. And while you certainly can make a quick lunch from the hot dog carts that ring the park, you’d be remiss not to check out some of delicious and tot-friendly spots nearby. Check our favorites below.

Washington Square Park

Source: NYC Parks Department

FAIRFAX  (6 minute walk)

When you’re a parent, there is an eternal search for solid restaurants that open early. West Village families rejoiced when restaurateur Gabe Stulman opened this all-day café, which starts serving breakfast at 8AM. The homey atmosphere allows kids to wander from comfy chair to chair, while mom and dad can snack on avocado toast or omelettes.


LORING PLACE  (2 minute walk)

Chef Dan Kluger’s farm-to-table oasis is also surprisingly kid-friendly. Tots are treated to a hilarious coloring book with famous chefs and the veggie-forward menu means it’s easier than ever to sneak your kids some greens. That being said, don’t miss dessert: the chocolate shortbread candy bar is addictive.


OTTO (2 minute walk)

But if your kid isn’t feeling adventurous enough for roasted leeks, a short trip down 8th Street will lead you to famed pizza spot Otto. The oversized dining room has enough space to park a brigade of strollers and the staff is well-versed in handling the whims of the tiniest diners. With almost two dozen pizzas, plus nine pasta dishes and fantastic gelato, there’s something delicious for everyone on this menu.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/ottopizzeria/

ROSEMARY’S (5 minute walk)

Carlos Suarez owns a trifecta of superb restaurants nearby, but his trattoria, Rosemary’s, is the most accommodating for tykes. When the weather is nice, ask for a table outside; there’s ample room to park your stroller. But even when it’s chilly, the large, sun-drenched space is easy to navigate with little ones. A separate children’s menu might even be tempting for the adults: there’s house-made focaccia with mozzarella and delightful Italian cookies.


Source: Rosemary’s

MOLLY’S CUPCAKES (5 minute walk)

We’re well aware that cupcakes don’t really count as dinner (except when they do), but we’d be remiss not to mention this cheery shop just south of the park. These are no ordinary pastries: their famed filled cupcakes come in varieties like peanut butter Nutella and salted caramel butterscotch. Plus, kids will go crazy for the indoor swings at the bar.