Why are there no negative reviews?  This is a snark-free site — if we don’t like a restaurant, for whatever reason, we simply leave it off our list.  If there are pros and cons in terms of bringing a pipsqueak along, we’ll let you know.

Can I comment or recommend a restaurant? …  We’d LOVE to hear from you!  We’re constantly updating our lists and reviews, so hearing feedback about dining experiences from parents is super-important to us.  If you’d like to share a recommendation, a tip or an experience with us, good or bad, shoot us a line at info@nibbleandsqueak.com.




All ages are welcome at our events, from newborn to great-great-grandparents.  We have changing tables, highchairs, stroller access, and can make accommodations for any special needs.  We ask that at least one adult accompanies each child, but children may be accompanied by multiple adults!


The price for each event is determined by the cost of the meal at the restaurant, including ALL tax, fees, and gratuity.  We try to host events at a range of price points.


We choose venues that WE want to eat at — some new, some established, some casual, some elegant.  Sometimes, restaurants contact us to suggest hosting an event, but most of the time, we reach out to them.


We work with some fantastic brands already that share our vision for family-friendly fine dining!  There are many opportunities to partner with us. Get in touch at info@nibbleandsqueak.com.