Anchor & Hope

Lively, nautically themed seafood spot for classic dishes, beer & wine in a cavernous former garage

Source: Anchor & Hope

Why go? Tucked away in a converted auto-body shop in an area that straddles downtown and South of Market, this seafooder hooks fans with delicious takes on the favorites. It can get loud (it is a retrofitted garage after all) but the service is great.

What to order? This is one of the best places in the city for oysters. The menu divides the bivalves by coasts and there are five from the west and four from the east. If you aren’t into oysters, you can also get little neck clams, shrimp cocktail and an excellent crab remoulade. If you don’t love seafood, they do a great steak frites.

Pipsqueak tip Your kids will enjoy the free homemade chips, lobster rolls and fish and chips/ fries. Go for dinner or on the weekend to avoid the SOMA/ FiDi/ Downtown rush.

83 Minna St
San Francisco, CA 94105
Mon–Thu 11:30 AM–2:00 PM
Fri 11:30 AM–2:00 PM
Sat 5:30 PM–11:00 PM
Sun 5:30 PM–10:00 PM
Phone: (415) 501-9100 (415) 501-9100