Au Cheval

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Source: Au Cheval

Ever heard of a line inducing burger? Au Cheval is hands down the best cheeseburger in chicago, and possibly even in America. Its nothing fancy, but when you put quality meat, simple flavors, and amazing spreads together, you get this.

What to eat? Don’t get us wrong, there are some other amazing dishes that get lost in the hype of the burger here. The bacon bologna sandwich is one, the roasted bone marrow, and the fries that come with aioli and a fried egg. If you come for brunch or after midnight (hopefully when the kids are sleeping in their strollers), don’t think twice before ordering the chilaquiles. They are amazing.

Burger tip  Know that a single burger is actually a double, and a double is actually a triple.

Pipsqueak tip  Have those activity packs ready, and bundle up in the windy city, because the wait can go down the block.


800 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607
Mon–Sat 10:00 AM–1:00 AM
Sun 9:00 AM–Midnight
Phone: (312) 929-4580 (312) 929-4580