Beni’s Cubano

Beni’s is such a fun experience, and the food is off the charts!

Source: Beni's Cubano

Nestled in a cozy spot between Tin Lizzy’s and Chico’s at The Avenue at East Cobb, it’s hard to believe behind this door lies a trendy little Havana-style eatery, complete with sandwiches served on Cuban newspaper. The bar is GORGEOUS.

What to eat? Beni’s Cuban picadillo hooked us immediately, showcasing salty green olives, spicy sofrito and ground beef. The plantains were tender but not mushy and had a to-die-for burnt sugar flavor. We also ordered a classic cubano that came on perfectly toasted bread and with a side of Beni sauce (sofrito, mojo and hot sauce). It was exactly what you want out of a Cuban sammy and more! Our Littles had beef picadillo empanadas. They were so delicious I had to google the chef, and y’all, Cesar Velazquez knows what he’s doing. Flakiest, most buttery and flavorful empanada EVER.

Pipsqueak tip Our 3 year old literally said “I want to eat this all day.” When does that ever happen?

The Avenue East Cobb
Marietta, GA 30062
Mon–Sun 11:00 AM–6:00 PM