Burger and Lobster

Source: https://www.instagram.com/burgerandlobster/

By Laura Nickoll

It couldn’t be simpler: opt for a burger, a steamed or grilled lobster, or a surf-and-turf combo of both, with chips. Burger and Lobster is a superior fast-food joint has expanded rapidly across London, and Stateside to Times Square, no less. The quality of their beef and the brutes they have shipped in from Nova Scotia is consistently good. Don a bib and get messy!

Pipsqueak tip Children love to ogle at the live lobsters in the tank at the Bond Street branch (brace yourself – you’re bound to be asked why they’re there and what happens to them).

Mon–Thu Noon–10:30 PM
Fri–Sat Noon–11:00 PM
Sun Noon–10:00 PM