Holborn Dining Room

Source: https://www.instagram.com/holborndiningroom/

By Laura Nickoll

The glamorous Holborn Dining Room, part of the Rosewood Hotel, with its plush red banquettes offers up a British brasserie with a distinct Manhattan twang, located in Midtown London, no less.

What to order? A please-all affair, it takes in everything from charcuterie, Scotch egg (an award-winner) and oysters from Mersea Island to curried mutton pie – head chef Calum Franklin’s pies are a sight to behold – rabbit and bacon en croute and risotto. Don’t skip dessert: there’s chocolate fondant, lemon tart or maybe their upmarket jelly and ice cream for the kids.

Pipsqueak tip Children can request mini portions of mains for half the price.

Mon–Fri 7:00 AM–11:30 PM
Sat 8:00 AM–11:30 PM
Sun 7:00 AM–10:30 PM