IC Hot

Rolled ice cream that's as fun to watch as tasty to eat

Source: Somer McBride

If you haven’t had rolled ice cream, it’s a blast. You choose a base (soy-based option for all our vegan friends) and some mix-ins that gets spilled out onto a VERY cold surface and then rolled into the prettiest rolls and placed in a cup. IC Hot is especially fun because of their entire wall of post-its — little interesting notes and drawings left behind by patrons.

What to eat?  We love all of the fruit mix ins AND fruity pebbles. Yes. We said it. Fruity pebbles. SO good!

Pipsqueak tip  This is another REALLY fun place to watch the action happen. The kids LOVE watching through the glass as cup after cup of ice cream gets frozen and rolled!

4290 Bells Ferry Rd NW Ste 122
Kennesaw, GA 30144