Jinya Ramen Bar

Source: Somer McBride

There’s always a short wait at Jinya, but there’s a reason why… and it’s worth it. This is a restaurant that celebrates children experiencing Japanese cuisine. Someone very special put real thought into making kids a priority. And the food is BEYOND delicious.

First off, it’s a teeny, cozy little place that plucks you right out of Sandy Springs and into another world where the entire kitchen yells “irasshaimase!!!” (Welcome, come in!) as you walk to your table. Even on a cool day the air is humid and delicious to breathe, with wafting umami steam. You share smiles and pleasantries with close neighboring tables along a wall of booth seating, with great views of colorful poke bowls and 22 ounce Sapporos at their place settings.

What to eat? We love the spicy umami miso ramen, delicately composed of pork broth, spicy chili oil, bok choy and ground pork.

Pipsqueak tip The kids meal is by far the most well thought out and special meal we have ever seen placed in front a child at a restaurant. A perfectly child-sized bowl of ramen accented with corn and spinach, and a little boat with itty bitty portions of mixed salad, sweet potato fries, chashu rice, karaage (crispy chicken), a slice of orange, and a lollipop.

5975 Roswell Rd Ste B217
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Mon–Thu, Sun 11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Fri–Sat 11:00 AM–11:00 PM
Phone: (404) 600-6974 (404) 600-6974