By Laura Nickoll

Moro on Exmouth Market is still a pilgrimage for food-lovers who swoon over its unique approach to Moorish-Spanish cuisine. Earthy, exotic dishes draw influences from across the Southern and Eastern Med, taking in North Africa too, and make ample use of the plancha and wood-fired oven. Hunks of sourdough just ask to be smothered with smoky baba ganoush, and opting for tapas is a great way to get the kids trying a bit of everything

What to eat? Patatas bravas and alioli perhaps, or tortilla from the tapas. Larger dishes of a mixed vegetable mezze or wood-roasted pork belly with braised cabbage, wild mushrooms and amontillado thrill the palate, and kids can have small portions of meat with fried potatoes. Yoghurt cake for pud should keep little ones quiet while you sample the sherry or get your caffeine kick from a fine affogato.

Pipsqueak tip Although they don’t have changing facilities, there’s a large alcove area that parents use. Afterwards, there are lots of fun shops on the pedestrianized street and a playground around the corner.

Mon–Sat Noon–2:30 PM
Sun 12:30 PM–2:45 PM