Pasquale Jones


The good news is the Italian food here will blow your mind, even with the typically long wait to grab a seat, at this very hip 50-seat restaurant. You could also end up with a celebrity sighting to tell your friends about.

What to order The grilled octopus, burrata pizza or the pasta recommended by your waiter.

Pipsqueak tip Worried rambunctious kids won’t last until being seated? Call weeks ahead and try to book one of the few reservations they offer. (Please note, if you get one, we’ll happily go in on a lottery ticket with you!)

187 Mulberry
New York, NY 10012
Mon–Thu 5:30 PM–11:00 PM
Fri–Sat Noon–3:00 PM
Sun Noon–3:00 PM
Phone: (917) 453-0399 (917) 453-0399