Piccalilli Caff at Surrey Docks Farm

Source: https://www.instagram.com/piccalillicaff/

By Laura Nickoll

A city farm on the bank of the Thames, this verdant spot has livestock for petting, a herb garden, a wildlife area (among many other attractions) and a vibrant little café. Open all year round, Surrey Docks Farm in Rotherhithe is free-entry (though they welcome donations) and fantastic for children. Piccalilli is owned and run by Scarlett Alexander and her generous hospitality and love of good food means you won’t just get the usual breakfast-brunch suspects.

What to eat? The kitchen goes the extra mile and sends out chorizo, mushrooms and eggs baked in a tomato sauce (‘chorizo morning’), making things a bit more interesting, a ‘build your own breakfast’ pick ‘n’ mix, and vegan dishes are on the table, too.

Pipsqueak tip Kids can go for pasta with homemade pesto, or eggs and soldiers, among other simple dishes.

Tue–Sun 10:00 AM–4:00 PM