Great views and consistently good food that's a boon when you’ve just escaped the thronged streets of London with hungry kids.

Source: National Portrait Gallery

By Laura Nickoll

A boon when you’ve just escaped the throngs around Trafalgar Square with hungry kids, this smart all-day operation in a bright, calm room has truly gawp-worthy views from the 3rd floor of the National Portrait Gallery. British-Med fare is the deal, done safe and consistently well.

What to eat?  Red wine and radicchio risotto with salsify and pine nuts, and we’d also recommend the pork chop with savoy cabbage and mustard sauce. Breakfast from 10am offers boiled eggs and Marmite soldiers.

Pipsqueak tip You’re already in the National Portrait Gallery — go explore some art either there or the attached National Gallery.

St. Martin's Pl
London, Greater London WC2N 4JJ
Mon–Sun 10:00 AM–5:00 PM
Phone: +44 20 7312 2490 +44 20 7312 2490