Rose’s Luxury

Source: Rose's Luxury

One of the hottest restaurants in DC, probably precisely because it’s so un-DC in it’s vibe. Relaxed and rustic, a little cramped, but food that won’t disappoint and a bar that can ably handle cocktails for everyone waiting for a place to perch.

What to Eat: The menu changes daily, but lots of attention is paid to in-house items like homemade ricotta and sausages. Our favorite dishes marry that homemade aesthetic with some bright and unexpected ingredients.  Plates are small, and you waited long enough, so order away!

Pipsqueak tip You know they at least have a sense of humor about welcoming children in the restaurant because they write “all unattended or misbehaving children will be given a shot of espresso & a free puppy” on their menu!  But seriously, it’s hospitable and just loud enough for kids. Come on a weeknight if you can.

A note on their “No Reservations” policy: The long line can be off-putting if you have a fussy baby or impatient toddler by your side, but there are a few ways around the wait: (1) plan ahead —team up with another family and try to snag one of the few group reservations  when they open a month ahead, weekly on Mondays at 11AM EST (2) plan ahead and book the rooftop, but beware the tasting menu only begins at 6:30PM…

717 8th St SE
Washington, D.C. 20003
Mon–Sat 5:00 PM–10:00 PM
Phone: (202) 580-8889 (202) 580-8889