Upscale New York Restaurants That Are Surprisingly Welcoming to Kids

Our reviews and tips for eating at the very best restaurants

Just because you have a young child does not mean you can’t dine at the best New York has to offer. Here is our list of upscale restaurants that you can navigate with your young one.


Gramercy Tavern

Why go? It’s the perfect mix of impeccable but unpretentious service and perfectly made-food.

What to order We love the meatballs or the lamb but It’s worth waiting to hear about the daily specials and saving room for dessert.

Pipsqueak tip: Unless your kids are up for the costly prix fixe deal ($179) in the dining room, the tavern area is better fit for kids…fyi, it’s a la carte but walk-in only


Gabriel Kreuther

Why go? Dining decadence for you or tarte flambée for the picky eater, Gabriel Kreuther offers both a rich tasting menu in a luxurious dining room, or merely refined elegance on the bar menu served up front. Chef Kreuther shows off his Alsatian roots and classic French training with superb and imaginative dishes, and love for foie gras that cannot be missed. If dining with the toddler (or impatient partner), the bar area seating and menu is the way to go, but if you have a sitter and looking for that very, very special date night, then take the time to enjoy the Gabriel Kreuther experience.

Pipsqueak tip  The bar menu, including its section of Alsatian Classics, offers dishes that could be arguably the nicest kids menu in the world with squid ink orecchiette for the pasta-obsessed, country sausage for the hot dog eaters, and of course tarte flambée for the pizza lovers.