Akiko’s Restaurant

Stylish, rustic-chic bistro for classic & contemporary sushi rolls, plus other Japanese seafood.

Source: Akiko's Restaurant

Why go? A small and understatedly upscale sushi spot between Union Square and the Financial District where you can eat amazing fish and drink top-shelf sake.

What to order? We HIGHLY suggest letting the chef guide you through the omakase menu. There is no kids menu (while the restaurant is happy to serve rice and edemame) but this is a great place if you know your kids enjoy Japanese food/ sushi rolls.

Pipsqueak tip This place is small (no highchairs) so reservations are strongly recommended for both lunch and dinner; and they cannot accommodate parties larger than 4 (including children).

431 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94108
Mon–Fri 11:30 AM–2:30 PM
Sat 5:30 PM–9:00 PM
Phone: (415) 397-3218 (415) 397-3218