Chicken & Beer

Source: Somer McBride

Chef Deandrae Kitchen’s fried catfish is worth buying a plane ticket for. Located in Terminal D of Atlanta Airport and owned by Ludacris, Chicken & Beer is phenomenal. Upon entrance the team works with ease and efficiency to welcome families with bags and strollers, and the entire staff seems happy to be there. 

What to eat? The short rib mac n cheese was decadent and utterly addictive, topped with fried tobacco onions. They serve the crispiest most delicate catfish over dirty rice and black eyed peas. Chef Kitchen somehow manages a magical balance between crunchy and melt in your mouth. It’s topped with green tomato chutney that almost tastes like spiced apples. You guys. Perfection. And finally the star, the fried chicken. Holy guacamole. Served with a molasses biscuit that’s got a hint of sweetness and pickles, this fried chicken is just as magical as the catfish.

Pipsqueak tip  Getting a family packed and to the airport is no easy task, but from now on we will be doing it at least 2 hours early so we can stop here before every trip.

6000 N Terminal Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30320
Mon–Sun 9:00 AM–10:30 PM