Dekalb Market Hall


Why go? It’s slightly hard to find, in the basement of a Century 21-helmed mall, but if you find yourself near this crossroads in Brooklyn (this is where to eat before a show at BAM, and a good option for a fast dinner near the Barclays Center) you’ll feel like you’ve found a food oasis.

What to Eat There are more great options than you can eat in one visit, but highlights for us are the famous Arepa Lady and her fluffy namesake arepas, a branch of Katz’s deli that serves pastrami almost as good as the original, spicy chicken noodle pho from Bunker, and savory Jianbiang pancakes filled with 13-spice pork

Pipsqueak tip In addition to being a sure-fire crowd pleaser with something for everyone, Dekalb Market Hall or the mall above often hosts seasonal and holiday-themed events.

230 Dekalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: (718) 398-6900 (718) 398-6900