Royal China


By Laura Nickoll

Every day is a dim sum day at Royal China, this upmarket Cantonese restaurant chain, which has been plying its trade in the capital for over 20 years. Of its six outposts the Queensway branch is very popular with feasting families, and the flagship Baker Street branch (also the largest) comes a close second.

What to eat? The buns are freshly steamed or fried to order and come stuffed with a cornucopia of different fillings, from scallops, prawn and chive and minced pork and shrimp to bean curd and the signature springy Shanghai pork dumplings. For the adventurous among you, there are chicken feet, or get hands-on and wrap your own crispy duck pancakes. There are classic Cantonese noodle and fried rice dishes, too.

Pipsqueak tip Sharing is a given, so order what you want and let the little ones pick and explore what they like.

Mon–Sun Noon–11:00 PM